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         The beginning of the company was when its founders saw the benefits of automated production systems. This will reduce the human labor ,because labor will be more scarce in Thailand and to reduce costs increase production efficiency and enhance the quality of products manufactured in Thailand. The company was established in 2014 and in addition to manufacturing machinery for the domestic industry The company has also exported to other countries including Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Japan.

         At present, the company has a working area of approximately 1900 square meters with a team of both Thai, foreigner to support domestic and abroad.


        Our machineried are full automatic machinery and semi-automatic according customer needs. The concept of machinery came from customer requirement and be posible. We use the smart technology to coporate.

        When the customer want to improve current production line or machinery ,we support their requirement by used the robot or automatic machinery replace human.After improved ,they enhance production efficiency and reduce waste.

Service and after market
        We support customers decide on the automation investment installation, training until the maintenance We have service maintance team and spare part


1. Dispensing Robot / Glue dispensing robot
         Collaborated between Robots and dispensing systems which can distribute the solution in 3D, working even narrow places and can control amount of liquid.

2. Vision Robot System / Camera Robot System
         Using a robot to work with a high quality camera can detect color ,clearness of the workpiece and shape to separate and place them in a given location.

3. Palletizing Robot System
         Moving products from the production line to the smart pallet system. They are classification of incoming products and arrange the goods on the designated pallet

4. Handling Robot System
         The combination are between robotic arm and other equipment such as drilling ,forming ,deburring. after that the goods are arranged to next station.

5. Robotic arm welding
         Robotic welding is one of the most common robotic applications in the industrial sector, being driven mainly by the automotive sector.